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A proactive drugs and alcohol policy reduces risk to your business

If something goes wrong because of drugs or alcohol use in your workplace, it can be expensive – for you and your employees.

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The Ministry of Health 2007/08 New Zealand Alcohol and Drug Use Survey (NZADUS) showed:

  • Over 50% of New Zealand adults can be classified as 'binge drinkers', and 8% had used three or more illegal drugs in the last year
  • Nearly 15% of New Zealanders were current cannabis users. Among past-year cannabis users, 39.1% used cannabis at least weekly in the past year, and over half (54.0%) had used cannabis at least monthly
  • One in three (34.5%) past-year users of drugs (excluding alcohol) had driven a car or another motor vehicle (such as a motorcycle or a boat) while feeling under the influence of drugs in the past year
  • One in five (18.5%) reported working while feeling under the influence of drugs in the past 12 months

Taking these stats into account, there's a chance your employees could be affected by drugs and/or alcohol while they are working for your business.

Employers want to keep their staff safe, as well as protect their business. By having an active drugs and alcohol policy firmly ingrained in your business, you can create a culture where people feel safe.

We provide expertise to help you create health and safety policies and employment agreements that reflect a safe, drug and alcohol-free culture in your business.

Once you've got your paperwork sorted, our fully-equipped mobile vans will come to you. We'll conduct random tests that deliver on the spot results and guide you through the next steps.

Talk to us today to find out how we can help your business reduce risk.

"I'm a business owner and tradie and with what's going on out there in society and the work place, this is one more positive tick in the box going forward with my company, something which DrugWise Auckland was able to help me to do. Professional, clean, informative and reliable. It's not an inconvenience but a policy/procedure I'd encourage all businesses to carry out."
Terry - All Steel Security Ltd

Create a safe & trusted workplace

Drug and alcohol testing in the workplace needn’t be a scary experience for you and your staff. Instead it can reduce risk to your business, and create a more protective culture that will be valued by employees and customers.

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