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Don't procrastinate when it comes to Health & Safety

Thu Oct. 19th 2017

It can take time to get all of your Health & Safety policies in place. It takes even longer to ensure procedures are being followed correctly and that everyone is protected - both legally & personally. The same can be said for property agreements. We often have a "She'll be right" attitude in NZ, a desire to simply get on with the job at hand and not to worry too much about all the red tape. This is an attitude we can't afford to have, and it's time to tackle those jobs you've been putting off.

Employment/Health & Safety:

With workplace policies and procedures especially regarding Health & Safety / Drug & Alcohol Screening/Testing, if you don't have the paperwork correctly written or the acting chain of command/personal doesn't operate/perform correctly within the policy & procedure then the liabilities can very high. E.M.A have examples of this where companies have been caught out because of incorrect written policies/procedures or/and incorrect following of the actual policy/procedures.

If the person/s that have been put in charge of the Health & Safety / Drug & Alcohol Policies and Procedures aren't sure about what they are doing, procrastinating then possibly outside professional assistance should be sort. Delaying the policy and procedure along with lack of correct implementation could put you in a "pickle" you don't want to be. (This goes for all policies & procedures)

E.M.A, Thelma French & Associates, Salus, MYHR, Sue Nolan & Associates are but a few professionals that can assist and stop the waste of time / procrastination.

Property Agreements:

There are some very good property managers out there, already adapting and informing owners of investment properties of their obligations for the health and safety of their tenants – excellent. Meth Property Inspection/Testing is increasing between tenancies and something that both parties, the Investor/Rental Manager and Tenant are aware of regarding obligations/expectations – This means the agreement should have all relevant material written within regarding the expectations.

There are still some Property Managers/Investors out there that are lacking behind, procrastinating because they might fear what they might reveal or they just don't know how to approach the topic. Procrastinating is one of the best ways of not protecting your investment which includes your tenants.

The best way to deal with it is to find a Property Manager that screens potential tenants well and has your best interest at the forefront of their mind. Question and read their policies and procedures. Initial Meth Property Inspection/Testing, Field Composite, isn't that expensive, especially if you are confident of the current/out-going tenant.

Get a base-line of where you are starting at for a Meth Property Inspection/Test, you know where you're at going forward. Having a result come back from the Laboratory that is above Ministry of Health Guidelines will be disappointing but at least you then have clarity to go forward and ask professionals what should be done next. Field Composite if you're confident or, Discreet Composite if you're not so confident. Get the results, have some clarity and proceed (with professional advise if required) onwards.

"I'm a business owner and tradie and with what's going on out there in society and the work place, this is one more positive tick in the box going forward with my company, something which DrugWise Auckland was able to help me to do. Professional, clean, informative and reliable. It's not an inconvenience but a policy/procedure I'd encourage all businesses to carry out."
Terry - All Steel Security Ltd

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Drug and alcohol testing in the workplace needn’t be a scary experience for you and your staff. Instead it can reduce risk to your business, and create a more protective culture that will be valued by employees and customers.

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