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Creating a safe and trusted workplace

Drug and alcohol testing in the workplace needn’t be a scary experience for you and your staff. Instead it can reduce risk to your business, and create a more protective culture that will be valued by employees and customers.

Dadsco (Drug and Alcohol Detection Services Company) specialises in drug and alcohol testing in workplaces throughout the greater Auckland region. Qualified technicians bring our fully-equipped, mobile drug-and-alcohol testing unit to your workforce, and provide on-the-spot results.

"We offer you peace of mind and help to keep your business, your employees and your customers safe." Rob Taylor, owner – Dadsco

  • Revealed: the real costs of workplace drug & alcohol testing.

    Mon Oct. 1st 2018

    ​Workplace drug testing is a thorny issue, one which some feel pits the safety of the workplace against the privacy of its employees. Employers, however, have a duty under the law to keep their workplaces safe and many are now turning to regular random drug & alcohol tests, along with incident or 'near miss' tests, to ensure they're meeting those responsibilities.