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Prevent & reduce harm, and promote wellness in your workplace

Drug and alcohol testing in the workplace needn’t be a dreaded experience for you and your team. Instead it can be a positive experience. Testing reduces risks in your business and can reinforce a healthier culture.

The Drugwise Testing Group is a NZ-wide network of experts that use scientifically robust testing methods, verified to all of the latest standards. Our qualified technicians bring our fully-equipped, mobile drug-and-alcohol testing unit to your workforce, and provide on-the-spot results.

"We offer you peace of mind and help to keep your business, your employees and your customers safe." Rob Taylor – Drugwise Auckland

  • Revealed: the real costs of workplace drug & alcohol testing.

    Mon Oct. 1st 2018

    ​Workplace drug testing is a thorny issue, one which some feel pits the safety of the workplace against the privacy of its employees. Employers, however, have a duty under the law to keep their workplaces safe and many are now turning to regular random drug & alcohol tests, along with incident or 'near miss' tests, to ensure they're meeting those responsibilities.